Walter Ness

Reasons why I fell in love with a Laughter Club

The first time I went to the Arlington Laughter Club, which was started by Lynn Caesar, I got such a workout my stomach was hurting.

In meetings it never occurred to me that I could have just laughed at stupid ideas being presented.

When I showcased laughter at McLean Hospital to some of their patients, I laughed then I said, "If you laugh like this and have a reason for it your therapist will applaud you for it. If you laugh like this and have no reason your therapist will medicate you."

I received a gracious applaud from those attending.

Why Laughter Club? Something inside of me keeps whispering, "This is important."

Why Laughter? Whimsey, breaks and disolves all other unpleasant emotions. If you are willing to laugh, what bothers you will disappear. Take a break with some good feelings in your body created by laughter.

I love experiencing and creating new ways to laugh, such as laughing "The Mexican Hat Dance Song." It's on