Walter Ness

I got the tag, "Laughter Guy" while shopping at a local Farmer's Market. People recognized me as the Energy Laughter Yoga Leader of the Somerville Laughter Club.

"Hey, you're the laughter guy?"
"I am now," I replied

While running the Laughter Club and the Neuroplasticity Club I decided to create Energy Theater to bring new styles of laughter mixed with humorous mind/body skits to the public by putting them on stage.

"New styles of laughter! What the heck is that?"

Most people laugh in one style. While being a member of the Arlington Laughter Club I started to explore the different ways one can laugh. It's all about choosing which muscles to use and body movement.

Energy Theater allowed me to showcase my own mind/body and neuroscience related discoveries and put them on stage.

To create shows on Energy Theater I had to take on the role of Director/Producer.

While I previously wrote jokes and occasionally did standup it was at Energy Theater that I discovered I had the talent to spot and isolate the talent of each performer.

I also discovered I could write humorous skits. I rewrote the material as needed based upon the personality of the people performing.

I can write humorous songs such as, "You Grab Me Like Crabmeat" but humorous skits was a new field of exploration for me.

Energy Theater also allowed me a chance to infuse poetry written by others or my own into the theater performances.

We have done seven original shows, with each performer having the option to create a skit for themselves or I would write one for them.

Energy Theater became Joy of Kidding, new skits new ideas with me doing more humorous writing and doing more standup comedy.

I enjoyed doing standup in Melrose but that was too far to drag all the video equipment by bus so thanks to Unity Church, I started the Something Coffee House Open Mic.

Walter Ness
as WC Fields in

"Scoundrels and Innovators"

Showcasing Laughter Club Techniques.

"Ecstatic Laughter"

I Married a Monster

"Monstrous Laugher
Halloween Special"

Walter Ness
as Jimmy Stewart

"I, I, did not teach,
P-P-Porky Pig,
how to talk"