Walter Ness


Currently promoting my poetry book,
"The Long Poem."

"The Long Poem" is available at
the Harvard Book Store
1256 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
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The Long Poem is ideal for performance. Performers can choose parts of each page they like to create a unique play out of them.

The lines can be sang as a choir, theater, individual performance, serious or humorous style. Each line challenges how you want to articulate it emotionally. You are given permission to play with the words.

At a poetry party one person read every other line of a poem just to see how much fun the words created. Another personread every line of a page starting from the bottom instead of the top and the poetry sounded just as good as if read from the top to bottom. Amazing.

We will create this concept that people can turn parts of the poem into a play in Energy Theater, to prove it can be done.

The cover is so great looking
you should buy two-books.
One to read and one to put on the wall.

About My Various Talents and Abilities

As an Energy Teacher, I use my ability to feel and see chi energy as a way to explore how we create and feel other people's vibes. The understanding of how chi energy works is vital to understanding how we as conscious human beings operate.

As a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader I use chi energy and body awareness to explore the different ways we can laugh.

As the Producer/Director of two different comedy troupe, Energy Theater and Joy of Kidding, I work with talented comedians in creating lively humorous skits.

As a Standup Comedian, I enjoy taking on different characters, such as WC Fields, Steve Martin, Jimmy Stuart, Jonathan Winters, The Godfather, Johnny with Cash, and other unusual characters.

Than there's the writing of Poetry and Songs, both humorous and not.

I create programs and do editing at SCAT, Somerville Community Access TV.

Walter Ness
as WC Fields in

"Scoundrels and Innovators"


Laughter Club Techniques

"Ecstatic Laughter"


I Married a Monster

"Monstrous Laugher
Halloween Special"


Walter Ness
as Jimmy Stewart

"I, I, did not teach,
P-P-Porky Pig,
how to talk"