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Greatest Christmas Poem, Here are videos for the Christmas Holiday, enjoy.

I'm currently running two meetups

  • Somerville Laughter Club (for people who would like to laugh with others)
  • Mirror-Touch Synesthesia (for those who have empathic abilities)

There is a huge reason why the material we present at the Somerville Laugher Club is so important.

We are the only laughter club that shows over a dozen ways to laugh. While going to a traditional laughter club is a good way to let the laughter out, most people have only one style of laughter. After walking around and laughing to various situations you feel energized and have a great workout. This experience does not teach you how to laugh when you are home or in a bad situation where your mood says, "No laughing."

We teach you that if you know how to make a fist, you can learn to laugh no matter what the situation.

We show people how to take a happiness break.

When you put on a smile your brain creates happiness and glow throughout your face. The ability to be aware of the happiness and glow is a skill.

The majority of people smiling have no idea what the sensations feel on their face feel like when they are smiling. Most describe the sensations as muscle tensions. We teach happiness and Laughter on demand.

We include Interactive Mindfulness
to show you how to have a more positive view of yourself by knowing how.

As an example:

If you consciously feel an area two inches behind your eyes, your body will instantly relax and your field vision will increase. Also, your peripheral vision will be greater.

As one person described it. "It felt like a shutter opened up and you could see the whole room."

Mirror-Touch Synesthesia.

When I read about people who can feel the sensations in others I saw a chance to just to hang out with people who have the same skits as mine.

People generates sensations, which lets you know what kind of person you are looking at on a feeling level. It's less work than asking a person about themselves and having to decipher what they say to you.

Here are some pictures of me performing my own material in different skits at Energy Theater.
(I like to write jokes, humorous material)

Walter Ness
as WC Fields in

"Scoundrels and Innovators"


Showcasing Laughter Club Techniques.

"Ecstatic Laughter"


I Married a Monster

"Monstrous Laugher
Halloween Special"


Walter Ness
as Jimmy Stewart

"I, I, did not teach,
P-P-Porky Pig,
how to talk"